Food Diary ver2.0 Wk3

Sat 1/17/09
8:30 egg beater w/ rf shredded cheese & Canadian bacon on wheat toast, tea w/ milk (320 cal)
1:00 ate out: wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich & broccoli & cheese baked potato (600 cal)
5:00 banana (50 cal)
6:00 leftover roasted chicken, quakes, tomato soup w/ green bean, zucchini & mushrooms (500 cal)
1470 eaten

Sun 1/18
7:30 egg beater w/ rf shredded cheese & Canadian bacon on english muffin, tea w/ milk (330 cal)
8:00 – 10:00 cardio & weights (600 burned)
9:00 electrolyte, frs & fiberone bar (400 cal)
12:00 lean cuisine enchilada (270 cal)
1:00 ate out: burger & sm fry (450 cal)
2:00 banana (50 cal)
5:00 apple (50 cal)
6:30 roast & mashed potatoes (500 cal)
2050 eaten – 400 burned = 1650 total

Mon 1/19/09
8:00 egg beater on english muffin, tea w/ milk (260 cal)
10:00 ff saltine crackers (100 cal)
1:00 ate out: mixed green salad w/ vinaigrette, 2 slices bbq chicken & gouda thin crust pizza (600 cal)
4:00 banana (50 cal)
6:30 baked marinated rosemary orange chicken breast, mashed taters (400 cal)
7:30 rf greek yogurt w/ blueberries (200 cal)
1610 eaten

Back pain no excuse, should have planned time better to make sure I exercised today
Can’t slip up. Tomorrow won’t work either. Will have to be super careful on calories now. Make sure to have soup for lunch, subway for dinner meeting and that could get me through until time to suffer w/ Cecil again Wed afternoon.

Tues 1/20/09
6:00 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (220 cal)
10:00 nutrigrain bar (120 cal)
12:00 leftover roast & veggie soup (300 cal)
1:00 apple (50 cal)
3:00 mini twix (30 cal)
4:30 ate out: subway 6” chicken breast on wheat w/ sun chips (500 cal)
5:30 3 mini chocolates (90 cal)
7:30 rf greek yogurt & blueberries (120 cal)
1430 eaten

Wed 1/21
7:00 egg beater, ff cheese & can bacon on wheat toast (400 cal)
9:00 nutrigrain bar (120 cal)
12:00 leftover roast & veggie soup (250 cal)
12:30 rf wheat thins (100 cal)
3:30 powerbar (220 cal)
4:00 – 5:00 cardio (400 cal)
6:00 leftover chicken breast & broccoli/cheese steamer, watermelon (400 cal)
7:00 ff greek yogurt w/ blueberries (150 cal)
8:00 popcorn (50 cal)
1590 – 400 burned = 1290 eaten

Thurs 1/22
7:00 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (220 cal)
9:00 nutrigrain bar (120 cal)
12:00 weight watchers enchilada meal, rf wheat thins (270 cal)
3:30 apple (50 cal)
5:00 leftover chicken breast & broccoli/cheese steamer (350 cal)
6:30 ½ Cornish game hen (200 cal)
8:00 watermelon (30 cal)
8:30 total cereal & ff milk (200 cal)
1270 eaten

I had to walk by chocolate cake at work several times today. Managed to not eat any, such a tiny victory that seemed to take herculean effort.

Fri 1/23/09
8:30 weight watchers frozen egg on English muffin (200 cal)
12:00 ate out: 2 soft chicken del tacos w/ sm fry (800 cal)
7:00 ate out: side salad, 2 pieces of bread, shrimp ravioli in pomodoro sauce & 1 glass Riesling (800 cal)
1800 eaten

Highest weekly average of the 3 weeks with no real reason. Eating at maintenance is harmless enough, but it doesn’t help reach any goals. Missing workouts was the biggest factor.  Can I attribute it to more grading and meetings this week?  Feels like it’s too soon to treat week 4 as a chance for date night/cheat night dinner.  I should postpone another week. Two good weeks would undo any damage.  It will be important to have meals cooked through this weekend and planned as leftover for the beginning of the week since there’s early morning meetings 4 out of 5 work days.  That’ll definitely increase the likelihood of coming home too tired to cook or go to the gym.

Food Diary ver2.0 Wk2

Sat 1/10/09
8:00 egg beater on wheat toast, tea w/ milk (300 cal)
8:30 – 10:00 45 min cardio & 45 min weights (500 cal)
9:30 1 scoop electrolyte (50 cal)
10:30 fiberone bar (150 cal)
12:00 ½ costco muffin (150 cal)
1:30 subway 6” chicken on wheat w/ chips & soda (500 cal)
3:00 tuna, noodles & peas (250 cal)
3:30 rf wheat thins (200 cal)
6:30 leftover veggie & chicken soup w/ rice (300 cal)
1900 eaten – 500 burned = 1400 total

Sun 1/11
egg beater on wheat toast, tea w/ milk (300 cal)
clif bar (200 cal)
banana (50 cal)
apple (50 cal)
ran 90 min (500 cal)
5:30 rf greek yogurt (160 cal)
ate out: el torito margarita, chips, salad, chicken tamale, chicken enchilada (1100 cal)
chocolate pudding (100 cal)
1960 eaten – 500 burned = 1460 total

Mon 1/12/09
7:00 double oatmeal, tea w/ milk (320 cal)
10:00 nutrigrain bar (120 cal)
12:00 tuna, noodles & peas (300 cal)
12:30 apple (50 cal)
5:30 rf greek yogurt (160 cal)?
6:00 baked eggplant parmesan w/ ground turkey meat sauce (400 cal)
1350 cal

Tues 1/13/09
7:00 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (200 cal)
7:30 banana (50 cal)
9:00 nutrigrain bar (120 cal)
12:00 leftover bbq pork & pinto beans (350 cal)
5:30 crackers (80 cal)
6:00 leftover eggplant (400 cal)
1200 cal

Wed 1/14/09
7:00 egg beater w/ ff cheese & canadian bacon on wheat toast, tea w/ milk (320 cal)
10:30 cashews (100 cal)
12:00 leftover chicken soup (200 cal)
12:30 apple (50 cal)
4:00 powerbar (220 cal)
4:30 – 5:30 run (400 cal)
7:00 roasted chicken & salad (500 cal)
7:30 pineapple (100 cal)
1490 eaten – 400 burned = 1090 total

getting a workout in mid-week after just 2 days back on to teaching felt like huge progress today. knowing i’ll have subway at tomorrow evening’s meeting & then an intense workout before dinner on friday feels like smooth sailing through the 2nd week

Thurs 1/15
7:00 oatmeal
12:00 leftover chicken soup, steamed broccoli & carrots, rf wheat thins (300 cal)
5:00 subway (500 cal)
5:30 chocolate (50 cal)
8:00 oj & cookie (200 cal)
1300 eaten

Fri 1/16/09
7:00 oatmeal (250 cal)
12:00 gumbo (280 cal)
4:00 powerbar (220 cal)
4:30 electrolyte (50 cal)
4:00 – 600 gym (500 cal)
7:00 ate out: carne asada, tortilla chips, salad, rice (700 cal)
1500 eaten – 500 burned = 1000 total

It was another good week, although I admit I was a bit lazy to forget listing every meal and counting calories as precisely as last week.  But, I still feel good about being able to stay below maintenance every day without mental anguish. This feels doable. I couldn’t cut that much more out in meal planning, but after this being the first week back on schedule at school, I can definitely plan more workout time outside or in the gym.  This certainly wasn’t the disaster of a transition that it was even 2 years ago.  I have not managed to make myself do more after-workout stretches like I should.  MY stiffness & resulting quick reach for the advil is doing my stomach no favors, I know.  I am hopeful, practically confident that next week will be easy too, since the unusually warm, springlike weather makes it much easier to get out and be active in the afternoons and work on isometrics in front of the TV in the evenings instead of huddling under a blanket on the sofa.  On second thought, I ate out more than intended, and only made mediocre choices, so that’s another way to improve next week.

Food Diary ver2.0 Wk1

Sat 1/3

9:00 double oatmeal, tea w/ milk (320 cal)

1:00 leftover stir fry veggie & meat (380 cal)

3:00 4 sugar cookies (200 cal)

4:00 rf wheat thins (50 cal)

6:30 baked marinated chicken breast (300 cal)

7:30 blackberries, slice of gingerbread & ff milk (250 cal)

8:00 1 cup lite egg nog (200 cal)

1900 eaten

Sun 1/4

9:00 tea w/ ff milk (50 cal)

11:30 1 ¾ egg beaters on whole wheat w/ ff cheese (400 cal)

12:30 – 2:30 ran @ 141 avg HR (600 cal)

2:00 1 sm reg(!) coke & grilled bbq snap wrap from mcdonald’s (400 cal)

4:30 leftover ½ chicken breast & veggie soup (250 cal)

6:00 angelfood cake w/ berries, champagne (300 cal)

7:00 broccoli, rice & cheese steamer bag (300 cal)

1700 eaten – 600 burned = 1100

Mon 1/5

Tea w/ milk, oatmeal (200 cal)

2 lean beef patties, frozen bean burrito, quakes (600 cal)

Ground turkey taco lettuce wraps w/ 2 tortillas as chips (500 cal)

Ff milk w/ nesquick (100 cal)

1400 eaten

Tues 1/6

9:00 egg beater w/ ff cheese on wheat English muffin, tea w/ milk (300 cal)

10:30 powerbar, 1 scoop electrolyte (270 cal)

1 ½ hr cardo & 1 hr weight training (1000 cal)

Chili’s grilled buffalo chicken salad, lite beer (900 cal)

Pulled pork poboy w/ mayo & spinach (530 cal)

Steamed ff cinnamon milk (100 cal)

2100 eaten – 1000 burned = 1100

Wed 1/7

Tea w/ milk, oatmeal (200 cal)

Leftover pulled pork poboy w/ mayo (500 cal)

¼ avocado w/ rf wheat thins (200 cal)

Broiled salmon w/ pinto beans (400 cal)

1300 eaten

Thurs 1/8

8:00 egg beater on wheat toast, tea w/ milk (300 cal)

10:30 luna moons (100 cal)

12:00 subway 6” chicken on wheat w/ chips & soda (550 cal)

10:30 – 2:00 cycling (800 cal)

3:30 leftover broiled salmon & pinto beans (300 cal)

4:00 cantaloupe (50 cal)

6:30 broccoli soup & leftover pulled pork lettuce wrap (300 cal)

8:30 cantaloupe & apple sauce (200 cal)

1800 eaten – 800 burned = 1000 total

Fri 1/9

8:00 egg beater on wheat toast, tea w/ milk (300 cal)

11:30 powerbar (220 cal)

1:00 ½ Sharky’s naked grilled fish burrito (400 cal)

6:00 leftover veggie & chicken soup (100 cal)

7:00 ate out! Pad thai w/ chicken (700 cal)

1720 eaten

I am happy with this week. It was reasonably disciplined and leftovers got used – nothing wasted.  Despite my back being achingly out of alignment most of the week, I still got enough workouts in.  Lunches are planned for next week back at school.  We were cheap last night and ate leftover soup, then went out for a glass of wine as the sole treat.  The service was so bad, (again!) that they comped the drinks – so a free evening out. Imagine that.  A little indulgent to think it’s good karma for a week of trying to eat healthy on a tight budget, but so what.

I’m a little worried about ideas for dinner next week, since we’re both a little burned out on shredded chicken in meals.  Maybe a heavy dose of steamed veggies and letting her fend for herself a few days is in order.  I know if I just point her in the direction of some veggie patties for simulated burger & tater tots she’ll be fine.  Maybe some greek yogurt for that nagging sweet tooth after dinner can see me through.  One week down and three to go before I can celebrate.

Food Diary Wk5

Last week I hit all of my mini-goals, such as how many days I wanted to ride to school, sticking to the meals I shopped for and planned, and not wasting any leftovers.  The grocery shop for this upcoming week had an additional challenge. With needing to pay off expenses from back to school clothes & supply shopping, every penny has to be squeezed. I used coupons, comparison shopped, and settled on a week of meals that still includes eating out one night mid-week.  With a few tweaks, like foregoing my insatiable diet of all kinds of berries, and sticking to the cheaper cateloupe and pears on sale, I walked out of there only speding $87. That’s good for me.

With the new PowerTap on my bike, I’m interested to see how the watts look. Seems like it takes a lot of work for me to sustain 150+ during intervals and between red lights. This will be the last week of sessions with Cecil before a recovery week before the next Piru time trial.  Riding it with the PowerTap should produce a good baseline to use for the coming months.

One day this week I asked the bilingual health clerk to call home on a student who couldn’t see the board and find out if he wasn’t bringing his glasses or had never been checked for them. I put my foot on the seat of a chair while listening to her call and nearly dropped my hand, not knowing what I had grabbed.  It was only my own leg, but it was harder and narrower than I’m used to – a sort of rapid body change that the image in my mind’s eye hasn’t caught up with – and a pleasant surprise.

I’m going to try harder to remember that positive moment for motivation. And I have to be good and sure to get cracked by Houseman this week, since I’ve been out of alignment almost 2 weeks. I can’t keep popping Advil daily.

Food Diary Wk4

Looking at the last three weeks, I’ve averaged 1303, 1350, & 1337 calories each week, despite weekly workouts varying from 8-4 cumulative hours. So it’s been a pleasant surprise that I could reduce calories on non-workout days to offset the desire to have a once a week cheat meal (or slightly more than that, really). Clothes are fitting better and I’ve hung up the ultimate goal pants to look at every day in the bathroom. I don’t know if I’m being unrealistic – I’d almost swear those simple black Dickies shrunk after I wore them once and are now smaller than the size 4 tag in them. I think 90% of my pants have a size 6 tag, but that means different things to different companies, so they all fit differently.


When I think back to the ONE day that I managed to wear those Dickies, I don’t even remember it being a celebration or realizing that I had been at a lower weight. Now that it has been almost three years since that one day, it feels like a tremendously slow-swinging pendulum of time is only now returning to a favorable position. Have I really been bigger for that long? And it was never conscious. It scares me that I could have had a 3 year trend of slowly putting on additional weight, until I was left with only 2 pairs of size 6 pants in my closet left to wear last year. And, of course, I worry if I can ‘stick to it’ – if I can stay motivated. So far, the results make me say yes – it seems like I haven’t given up too much, haven’t starved myself, and feel/look better as a result, so I can keep it up as a lifestyle.


I guess I have to give myself credit for making it through 3 weeks that included job interviews, prepping for back to school – which creates a big adjustment in daily schedule, lousy sleep from allergies and another period.  Usually if the hormones don’t drive me to fast food, then the poor quality sleep leads to late night eating to settle a burning stomach. I’m almost ready to think beyond one week at a time and believe I could do this for several more. Hmmm. Almost, but not yet. For now this will remain a weekly diary.



8:00 double oatmeal, tea w/ milk (320 cal)

11:30 leftover chicken, mashed potatoes (380 cal)

2:00 banana (50 cal)

5:00 red beans & rice, turkey sausage (400 cal)

7:00 watermelon (25 cal)

1175 eaten



9:00 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (220 cal)

12:30 leftover tuna & spinach casserole, green salad w/ ff feta, carrots, tomato (400 cal)

3:00 fiber one bar, quakes (280 cal)

6:30 roasted game hen w/ carrots, broccoli, quinoa (420 cal)

7:30 ff milk w/ rf vanilla wafers (180 cal)

1500 eaten



9:00 double oatmeal, tea w/ milk (320 cal)

12:30 ham & cheese on wheat w/ mayo, spinach, 2 plums (500 cal)

4:00 quakes

5:30 lean meatballs, wheat pasta & sauce, parmesan (450 cal)

8:00 ff milk w/ vanilla wafers (120 cal)



6:00 PB & J on wheat, tea w/ milk (280 cal)

12:30 ate out: hamburger, ½ sm fry (400 cal)

3:00 fiber one bar (200 cal)

4:00 ½ bran muffin, electrolyte (300 cal)

3 :30 – 5:00 gym (500 cal)

6:30 ate out: chicken burrito w/ guac, chips & salsa (800 cal)



6:30 – 7:30 rode bike (200 cal)

8:30 double oatmeal, tea w/ milk (320 cal)

12:30 froz bean burrito (220 cal)

4:30 ate out: subway chicken on wheat w/ chips (500 cal)

8:30 ff plain yogurt & berry compote (200 cal)

1240 burned – 200 burned = 1040 cal



6:30 – 7:30 rode bike (350 cal)

8:00 egg beater on whole wheat w/ ff cheese (350 cal)

10:00 fiber one bar (200 cal)

12:30 froz turkey dinner, watermelon (350 cal)

4:00 leftover quinoa, steamed broccoli (200 cal)

7:00 ate out: 3 slices thin crust hamburger pizza, 2 glasses wine (900 cal)

2000 eaten – 350 burned = 1650


The Art of Spin

Am I a teacher who is so flexible and dynamic I get moved to a new grade level every year or someone who can’t improve their interpersonal skills fast enough?

Am I young and enthusiastic or a step away from medicating with Strattera?

Am I willing to go slow in a new position to get the feel for the culture and politics or will I succumb to the naive assumption that all my good intentions are enough?

Could I handle a jaded, cynical, burned-out veteran teacher as a first-year administrator? 

Does being on the receiving end of assumptions, exclusions or accusations make me any less likely to prejudge?

Am I primed for leadership from years of self-reflection, owning my mistakes and analyzing how others made & communicated decisions in times of crisis? Or, if I’ve spent years in a role as outsider, sometimes wanting in, sometimes happy to have the comfortable perspective that distance brings, do I have what it takes to build consensus and common vision? Probably makes more sense to just ask myself if I’m just a rabble rouser who enjoys stirring things up or can I actually manage to bring people together.

It’s fascinating to be the same person on paper and have two very different receptions by interview panels.

One panel in crisis, looking for a savior who can fix it all. Another panel willing to dream big, bigger than I’ve been exposed to and looking for someone to groom along on the ride. Day and night.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like a kid counting down until Christmas. Waiting for that letter or phone call feels good.

Now if I can just stop thinking that I’ve oversold and talked a good line and won’t be able to deliver. Man. It was so much easier to spin. Avoiding the doubts is hard. Day and night.

Food Diary Wk3

i ended up not working out yesterday & ended w/ a higher calorie count than i should.

today, too, i was only at maintenance from spluring by eating out.  but i’ve already cooked the ground chicken for a healthy meat&veggie stew tomorrow, so i’ll have a few good days in a row guaranteed. plus another 2hr or more ride in the morning. i gotta bring my 3day calorie average down.


7:00 cereal w/ ff milk, tea w/ milk (240 cal)

9:00 2 clif bloks (60 cal)

8:00 – 10:00 2 hr ride (700 cal)

10:30 piece wheat bread w/ reduced fat PB (150 cal)

12:30 ate out: subway 6” double turkey on wheat, baked lays (500 cal)

2:30 ate out: 2 grilled chicken tacos (600 cal)

6:30 ate out: black angus 1 crabcake, lite beer, ½ bread loaf, side salad (600 cal)

2150 eaten – 700 burned = 1450 cal

i felt good today and got several compliments as i was out running errands. then came the dreaded mirror at the hair salon. first time in probably 2 years i paid for the whole enchilada –  highlights & cut. took 2 hours, cost what seemed like a ton. had to sit and look at all those dimples of cellulite still peeking out from the hem of my shorts. everything else is a little smaller, a little more toned. it’s so hard to imagine several inches ago just how bad they really were. now if i can just keep it as a motivating focus to continue to reduce it, i’ll be golden. this will be a true test week ahead with school starting back. i’ll have to remember lots of fruit and maybe commit to either lean cuisines or a string of turkey sandwiches so i don’t stray from the count too much. i’m seriously thinking about bringing a blender for the teacher’s lounge to do protein shakes for lunch. hmmm.


6:30 sm oatmeal, tea w/ milk (140 cal)

7:30 english muffin w/ egg beater (160 cal)

9:00 electrolyte, frs shot (150 cal)

8:00-10:00 2 hr ride (750 cal)

11:30 ate out: subway tuna on flatbread w/ swiss, chips (620 cal)

4:00 banana (60 cal)

6:00 ground chicken & veggie stew, mashed potatoes (400 cal)

8:00 ff milk, rf nilla wafers (200 cal)

1730 eaten – 750 burned = 980 cal

Midway though eating the tuna sub, I realized I had picked a high fat option and removed about ¼ of the tuna from the sandwich as damage control. Should have had recovery drink right after ride – probably would have prevented the impulse to ‘splurge.’ Feel like I haven’t stopped going since 8am til 8pm, from ride, to errands, to cooking & cleaning. None of those are counted as calories burned, except on the bike, but I sure feel wiped. Gotta keep icing.


6:45 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (220 cal)

10:00 ½ bagel w/ cream cheese (250 cal)

12:00 turkey on wheat, rice quakes (350 cal)

5:00 nutrigrain bar (120 cal)

6:30 leftover stew & mashed potatoes (350 cal)

7:30 cantaloupe (100 cal)

1390 eaten


6:45 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (220 cal)

10:30 powerbar (220 cal)

12:00 deli turkey, rice quakes, peas & corn (250 cal)

4:00 pria bar & banana (150 cal)

5:30 tuna & spinach casserole (500 cal)

1340 eaten


7:00 egg beater on whole wheat w/ ff cheese (350 cal)

11:00 cantaloupe & ½ bagel (150 cal)

12:30 leftover chicken stew, rice quakes (200 cal)

4:00 fiber one bar (200 cal)

5:30 ate out: hamburger, fries (500 cal)

1400 eaten


7:00 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (220 cal)

12:30 leftover tuna & spinach casserole (400 cal)

4:00 ham & cheese on wheat w/ mayo, spinach, rf cheese nips (500 cal)

4:30 – 6:30 1 hr ride, 1 hr gym (500 burned)

5:00 electrolyte (100 cal)

7:00 ate out: 2 sharky’s shrimp tacos (600 cal)

1820 eaten – 500 burned = 1320


7:00 oatmeal, tea w/ milk (220 cal)

12:30 leftover tuna & spinach casserole, 2 plums (450 cal)

5:30 chicken strips, tater tots, asparagus, ff milk w/ rf vanilla wafers (650 cal)

1320 eaten

This week was a major victory. With school starting back, I planned both my lunches and my dinners and managed to stay home somewhat. I had one ‘cheat meal’ midweek which got me through until a big workout day/high calories on the weekend. Compared to past first weeks of school, this one was the least stressful, the most organized and healthiest – with managing to make it to a session with Cecil on top of it all.

Dinner are already planned for all of next week to really try and stay home and pinch those last pennies. The budget is in a real squeeze from back to school shopping.  The only downside to last week was horrible quality sleep – restlessness, racing thoughts, allergy-induced sleep apnea. Half of my dreams were nightmarish, feelins of suffocating or being smothered, sudden loud noises in my ear – how I manage to scare myself I’ll never know. Peak season for tumbleweeds is always tough.